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We know how stressful it can be to part from your infant. Rest assured that here at Kingdom Kare your baby will be cared for in a loving and nurturing environment. Your baby's physical needs will be met as well as being loved during these early years of development. Our program encourages free movement, motor skill development and social skill growth.

Oh, our toddlers! Always full of energy and eager to learn. Such a great time for children, and we are excited to share and help in their exploration of the world.! At Kingdom Kare we will encourage your child's individuality as well as provide them with the tools they need to move forward in their development.

Through a grant from United Way of Central Maryland and in collaboration with Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families, Kingdom Kare has joined together to provide mentoring services to children ages 6 – 18.


The Mentoring program meets every Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday.


Once every month, generally on a Saturday, we have a social outing.


Transportation is provided for those who have no means of providing their own.


Our mentors are recruited from several different sources in the county.  All are properly screened.


The mission of this program is to provide an opportunity for the participants to develop and enhance their social and organizational skills based on therapeutic goals set by our treatment team.

Meals are provided at all mentoring sessions.



Kingdom Kare  does not discriminate on the basis of a person’s religion, race, color, gender, age, national origin, disability, Vietnam-era status, or any other factors protected by law.

Please call us for the full list of schools we drop off and pick up from.

KKCC wants to ensure that your child is ready to enter school ready to learn, for this reason we will focus on: Literacy, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, Math, Science, Art/Crafts, and Computer skills AND second language (Spanish).

Play is essential to the enhancement of a child's communication, social interaction and physical skills. Indoor and outdoor activities are an integral part of our daily routine. Children are provided structured class time for learning about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through art, story time, circle time and music.

Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM


1350 Blair Dr,

Odenton, MD 21113

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